Episode 53 - Daniel Oppenheimer (returns, unexpectedly, serendipitously!)

Episode 53 - Daniel Oppenheimer (returns, unexpectedly, serendipitously!)

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Hello All, 

Part 2 of my conversation with Beth Lisick will be next up. For now, here's a timely interruption. You may recall, in the last episode, I mentioned that (to quote, well, me) :

"This week I took a huge, manic, obsessive dive down the Aziz Ansari/#metoo rabbit hole, and like to think I have takes that haven't yet been took. But after writing about 18 (single space) pages of notes and compiling dozens of articles and audio and video (google Samantha Bee and Aziz for one of the most recent, and best, responses), when I went to record ... well, I'm just not skilled enough yet to say what I need to say as concisely as would make me feel comfortable to share with the world."

It just so happened that right after that, Dan Oppenheimer (Episode 11) called me up wanting to talk through that same stuff and what he sees as the frustrating toxicity of most ostensibly serious discourse on social media. So I asked if I could use his need to both satisfy my own AND make an episode. So we talked ... and talked ....

I think it made both of us feel a little better. Maybe it will you too.  Among the topics we dug into:




The Aziz Ansari moment / bad dates and bad daters/ discord between 2nd and 3rd Wave Feminists

The toxicity of social media

The dangers of stereotyping, even of straight, white, middle-aged men! (even when based on valuable/sound movements/ideas/etc. such as patriarchy, #metoo)

Child-rearing / sexual mores

Male feminism


virtue signalling

High-school sex (& why we didn't get much)and ...


Find Dan and his work at: http://danieloppenheimer.com. He's the author of 

Exit Right: The People Who Left the Left and Reshaped the American Century

which was published in 2016 by Simon and Schuster to the kind of fanfare authors of such books dream of dream of with reviews and features everywhere from the Atlantic to the New Republic, New Yorker to, New Statesman, TIme Magazine the New York TImes Book Review.

These notes have gotten really long. If you want to know more about anything we talked about from Bob Jensen & Hugo Schweitzer to any of the best and worst writing on the Aziz stuff, and google fails you, please feel free to email me at: 

info (at) jamiebergerwords.com

and I'll be glad to send links your way.

Likewise, if you have a thought/response to the episode that you'd like to share either with me or with the whole wide world.

Last, I will put one link, to the short story "Cat Person," that we referred to:


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