Okay, here goes nuthin'

Friends, strangers, hello! Like nearly everyone else on Earth, I've started a podcast, with the help of Anja Schütz, Ed Patenaude, John Hodgman, and upcoming guests Annie Duke, Eugene Mirman, Tim Lockfeld, Case Hudson and many many more to come (oh, and FYI Tim, you're the second episode, up next week!, and Case, you're the third, but that one's just the tiny, awesome, three-minute story about your dad, so don't panic!)

It's called "15 Minutes: a podcast about fame." My first guest is John Hodgman, he of some certain amount of fame, but I'll be talking to everyone from high-school students to retirees, some famous, some not in the least - maybe YOU?

PLEASE take a look/listen on
(the Stitcher version of Ep. 1 hasn't been updated to the final edit, but I JUST CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER TO DROP THIS!)
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and if you dig it, or even if you don't really care about podcasts but feel like being a pal, download it and rate it and please please pass it on - it's the best way to help keep me doing this, and I really want to keep doing it! See comment below for all the different ways to find it, and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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