15 Episodes In!

15 Episodes In!


Hello Friends!

15 Minutes: a podcast about fame

is 15 episodes in!!!

Guests have ranged from noted authors (Daniel Oppenheimer, Andi Zeisler, Sara Jaffe) and comedians and other entertainers (John Hodgman, Eugene Mirman of Bob's Burgers) to a radioman (Hearty White), a poker legend (Annie Duke) and a budding reality-TV sex god (Matthew Latkiewicz) to a guy I know named Tim.

Upcoming guests include graphic novelist Jessica Abel, NPR reporter/producer Tina Antolini, music makers Matt Lorenz (aka The Suitcase Junket) and Nora "Bulldog" Murphy, poet/actor/director Amber Tamblyn, and, (a few months down the line but I'm so excited!) fiction writer George Saunders.

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Also, the podcast and its host (aka, me) were featured last week in the Greenfield Recorder:

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Episode 16 - Jessica Abel

Episode 16 - Jessica Abel

Episode 15 - Eugene Mirman

Episode 15 - Eugene Mirman