Mari Naomi - Episode 71

Mari Naomi - Episode 71




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Mari Naomi is a graphic-memoirist, a term I just made up. That is, she’s a cartoonist who writes personal nonfiction. At least in her adult work, that’s what she does. I first encountered her cartoons on the Rumpus. I ended up following her on Twitter and patroning her on Patreon, and she has thoughts about fame! We talked about that and career and San Francisco and trolls and dating someone famous and living in LA and seeing stars and running into Bud Cort and fangirling out in Gelson’s and … well, come listen and you’ll find out!

You can find her at Here’s some of what you’d learn about her there:

“MariNaomi is the award-winning author and illustrator of Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 (Harper Perennial, 2011), Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories (2dcloud/Uncivilized Books, 2014), Turning Japanese (2dcloud, 2016), I Thought YOU Hated ME (Retrofit Comics, 2016), and the Life on Earth trilogy(Graphic Universe, 2018-2020). Her work has appeared in over eighty print publications and has been featured on websites such as The Rumpus, LA Review of Books, Midnight Breakfast and BuzzFeed.”

“She is the founder and administrator of the Cartoonists of Color Database, the Queer Cartoonists Database, and the Disabled Cartoonists Database. She is the cohost of the Ask Bi Grlz podcast with author Myriam Gurba.”


You can find all episodes of this podcast at and a really old site of my writing at, which I mention for the first time since starting this podcast because I’m starting to write a little after about a decade hiatus.

Next up will be the return of Episode 1 guest John Hodgman, whose new book, Medallion Status,  the follow up to his terrific memoir Vacationland, will be out in mid-October.

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Mari’s “Heartthrobs” Cartoon about meeting Duran Duran:

mari nick rhodes.JPG

Bud Cort (Confession: I faked it, didn’t know who he was - do you?)

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