Episode 55 - Laurie Kilmartin

Episode 55 - Laurie Kilmartin

Episode 55 - Laurie Kilmartin

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Laurie Kilmartin has been a Staff Writer for “Conan” since 2010 and a stand-up comedian for three decades. Her new book, “Dead People Suck,” (which she’s calling her second, and last, book) is a simultaneously heartwarming and biting comedic memoir about her father’s death and a tongue-in-cheek how-to about dealing with the death of a loved one.

She also co-hosts “The Jackie and Laurie Show” podcast with fellow comic Jackie Kashian.


Laurie and I talked about the book, about writing for Conan, the life of a stand-up, the joys and hazards of making jokes about her living mother and dead father, and of course, about fame and what she sees as her place in the comedy world.

And because you all know I have that magical gift of making funny people unfunny by asking them serious questions, I’ve included a couple of clips from her album “45 Jokes about My Dead Dad.” (which you can also find on Spotify, etc.)

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